Public Affairs Office (PAO)

Select your Public Affairs Office location from the choices below. Don't worry if yours is not listed. In that case, you may spell out your post/base and unit, but, please do not abbreviate (i.e. Lackland Air Force Base, 101st Airborne Division, etc.). This information is important because it tells us where to send your form for approval.

Event Information

Select the event category and sub-category that correspond to the reason for you filling out this form. If you select a Decoration from the list, you will be required to upload the citation. If you choose Other, please provide additional details in the Comments area below. The date is the date of the event, not the date you are filling this form out.

Personal Information

We will notify you via email when your story has been released. We'll also include a link to an online version of the story that you may share with your friends and family.

Duty Information



Adding your relative's information allows us to market your story to the hometown newspapers, radio stations, and television networks that subscribe to our service. However, this is completely voluntary. It's okay if you do not wish to include your relatives in the release of your story, but, we ask that you at least include information on your graduating high school or college in the section above, so that we have a location to market your story to.

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You may upload a maximum of four files. The only file types we accept are PDF, DOC, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Please limit the total size of all attached files to 5 MB or less.

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 552a.

Principal Purpose: To prepare news stories and news releases for distribution and publication by civilian news media to recognize the achievements of Department of Defense (DoD) members.

Routine Use: Information may be disclosed to civilian and Government news media representatives. Once published, information is considered "Public Domain."

Disclosure: Information collected on this form is released upon your approval and is voluntary. If you have no objection to the information being released to hometown audiences, submit this form by clicking the button below. Failure to provide the information may mean little or no public news release material can be produced, thus denying the individual public recognition for personal achievements.